My name is Saba Nafees and I’m a young scientist, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner.

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Recent paper in NAR Genomics & Bioinformatics

For my Ph.D. work, I worked on implementing a novel mathematical tool derived by my advisor, Dr. Sean Rice, that aims to map phenotypes onto underlying sequence space using tensor-based multivariate orthogonal polynomials. I am currently applying this method to other applications in molecular biology but one example that shows this implementation as applied to RNA is given in the paper linked above.


I’m also currently developing a command line tool written in Python that makes it easier for researchers to utilize the aforementioned approach in their own work. Link to the PyPI package is here. The github repo can be found here. If you have ideas or comments or would like to contribute, please let me know!

Recent interview with STEMcx from Baltimore, MD. STEMcx is a wonderful nonprofit organization that promotes STEM education and resources for students from underrepresented communities. I had a great time being interviewed by Anaiah, a wonderful young lady who’s in the 8th grade and has exciting plans for her career.


You can find out more about my family’s immigration story in this award-winning documentary produced by PBS, Dream With Me Remember, this is just one of millions of American stories that showcase the undocumented American’s struggle. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to screen it at your organization!


Washington Post - This article talks a bit about my story and urges our country to take action regarding immigration reform.

Washing Post Podcast


MSNBC - Interview with another amazing advocate and dreamer, Bo Thai!

The Hill - During the unforgettable times of the Dream Rider Tour across US.

NBC News

Mashable - Talking about the Define American Chapters program. I’m humbled to have started the first chapter at Texas Tech after being inspired by my mentor, Jose Antonio Vargas, and now there are over 70 chapters across the country. Learn how to start your own chapter on your campus here!

The Scientist

Fast Company

Huffpost - Advocating on the Hill for clean Dream Act alongside my friends in the UndocuBlack community.

SXSW Panel

Associated Press

One Young World and entrepreneurship!

Deutche Welle




Feel free to reach out to me at saba.nafees314@gmail.com

During a medical mission in Guatemala with HELPS International

During a medical mission in Guatemala with HELPS International.